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- Legal 500 on Charles Gomez 

Our dispute resolution team at Gomez and Co combines long experience of achieving results with a grounded approach and respect for the uncertainties of the court process.

Litigation is a last resort to be indulged in only when all other avenues have been carefully explored.

That said, we appear very regularly before all the courts in Gibraltar and have appeared in the Privy Council in London and taken a successful reference to the Supreme Court in Madrid.

Regardless of how big or small the matter in dispute is, we believe that all our clients deserve the highest level of attention and representation and ultimately consider that the same principles and procedures apply to all cases, whether it be a simple contractual dispute, a multimillion Pound international commercial case or a judicial review or constitutional reference.

These principles involve devising a strategy from the very beginning, front loading a case and estimating prospects of success.

In matters of our expertise, such as constitutional law cases, we were consulted by other law firms in Gibraltar regularly.

Ground-breaking Cases

  • Record award in Gibraltar for damages in a clinical negligence case.
  • Record award in Gibraltar for matrimonial maintenance.
  • Judicial Review relating to environmental impact assessment of power station.
  • Claim for rectification of an article published by a Spanish newspaper.

Recent cases

  • Representing ex commissioner of police in the McGrail Inquiry.
  • The Enterprise Insurance Litigation.
  • Advalorem Litigation.
  • AA Constitutional Motion.

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