Financial Regulation – Anyone can read up on the theory; we know how it works in practise

You do not know what financial services regulation really is until you have been put to the test.
Whether it is in a humiliating investigation, or an unnerving disciplinary process or an emotion sapping and expensive litigation, it is best that you should be represented by an experienced legal team - experienced in the courts and regulatory investigations and not just in the lecture circuit. It is better still to be guided as to how to avoid issues. We provide targeted advice to help you discharge your continuing professional duties and regulatory obligations.
Almost alone in the Gibraltar legal system Charles Gomez & Co does not have a regulated company and trust management arm so that we are free to engage with the regulators with total independence. As always, a negotiated solution is the best option, but we have had occasion to represent clients successfully in court when necessary – up to Court of Appeal level.
We are sometimes called upon to review corporate procedures to ensure high level compliance and check for systemic weaknesses.
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