EU Funds for Gibraltar Businesses

Following the success of the 2007-2013 programme said by the EU Secretariat to have "exceeded core indicators", the new Gibraltar European Regional Development Fund ("ERDF") 2014-2020 has come on stream. 

The mission is to ensure maximum benefit from allocated funds in order to enhance existing new Small & Medium Enterprises ("SME's") and create substantial employment with a sharp focus on innovation, the services sector, the "green economy" and women in business.

The ERDF highlights the relative lack of bank finance following the 2008 crisis and will require applicants to show that without EU funding a co-founded project may not proceed or will proceed at a slower pace or be less effective. 

For Small Grants Projects whose total does not exceed £66,000 up to 30% grant = £20,000 is available. ERDF projects exceeding £66,000 can access funds of up to £148,198 over a period of 3 fiscal years. Payment is by way of reimbursement of expenses which can be clearly accredited. 

The Scheme is managed by the EU Programmes Secretariat at Bleak House, Europa Point, Gibraltar. There are a number of reputable specialist service providers with who Charles Gomez & Co work to facilitate the creation of business plans which are essential to the application process.

Applicants will need to demonstrate access to quality business advice and support which are of course crucial to the success of any business. Charles Gomez & Co provides best guidance in terms of leases and rental agreements to ensure that a business is not hamstrung by onerous tenancy conditions. In addition we advise of employment law, licensing, service contracts, debt collection, and all current legal requirements. 

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