Now more than ever buyers and sellers need to get things exactly right the first time.

The dreary old days of “take it or leave it” conveyancing are well and truly over and our dynamic team is perfectly equipped to operate in the new reality.

The Property Team at Charles Gomez & Co has perfected a price competitive fast track system that ensures that once a sale is agreed it will not be hindered by technical problems.  

We achieve this by targeting potential problems from the very first moment so that they can be resolved without delay.  Competent conveyancing never allowed for cutting of corners, and doing things properly actually simplifies matters. 

We see to it that all land searches and pre contract enquiries are dealt with quickly and thoroughly and documents drafted from our very large data base.  The Team has dealt with literally thousands of transactions and the vast majority of people who ask us for fee quotes end up instructing us. 

Over the years we have developed relationships only with top class surveyors, estate agents and other professional whose commitment to excellence matches ours.

We can act for you when you sell or purchase your home or a commercial property ensuring that the process is a success!

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