Gibraltar: An International Finance Centre in a modern British overseas territory

Charles Gomez & Co have no links to company management or professional trustees and so offer clients a completely independent service.

  1. Gibraltar is a politically and economically stable English-speaking British overseas territory. Flights from Gibraltar’s International airport take about two and a half hours from the British mainland. A 5-minute walk across the land frontier takes you into Southern Spain. Malaga Airport in Spain is approximately one and a half hours away from Gibraltar with the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada taking a mere three hours.

  2. There is no capital gains tax, VAT, gift tax, wealth tax, estate duty, inheritance tax or death tax charged in Gibraltar.

  3. All professionals practising here either hold qualifications from the United Kingdom or have qualifications which are internationally recognised.

  4. The provision of financial services business is regulated by the Financial Services Commission ( which grants licences and carries out regulatory checks of all licensed business within Gibraltar.

  • Company Incorporation and Management

  • Services provided

  • Company Formation and Management

  • Provision of Professional Directors/Managers

  • Provision of Nominee Shareholders

  • Opening of company bank account

  • Registered Address

  • Company Secretarial Services

  • Branch registration of Foreign Companies

  • Compliance and Assessment of Risk

  • Accounting Services

  • Re-domiciliation services

  • Virtual office facility

  • Companies in most major jurisdictions

  • Yacht registration

Limited Partnerships

Limited partnerships can be formed under the Limited Partnership Act 1927 and consist of one or more General Partners and one or more Limited Partners. The General Partners are liable without limit, but unlike a Limited Liability Partnership, the liability of the Limited Partners, as the name suggests, is limited to the extent of their capital contribution. A limited partner does not take active part in the management of the partnership and has limited rights. Limited Partnerships are useful when money needs to be raised for an investment, for example to finance a real estate development. The Limited Partners will provide funds in return for which they will receive a pre-agreed return. The General Partners will manage the project and will, of course, be entitled to a greater share of profits.

Trusts and Settlements

See page on trusts in Gibraltar for further information.

Yacht Registration

Pleasure yachts registered with the Gibraltar Yacht Registry fly the Red Ensign and are entitled to the protection of the British Royal Navy.

British nationals, British overseas citizens, EU nationals or European Economic Area nationals can register their vessels in the Port of Gibraltar.

Purchase of a yacht using a corporate vehicle may mitigate VAT liability. Contact us for further information.

Patents and Trademarks

Only existing trademarks and patents may be registered in Gibraltar. Originating applications for new trade marks cannot be made.

For more information please contact us on 200 74998 or email

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