The Trade Licensing Act 1978 requires any person or company wishing to trade or carry out certain specified businesses to obtain a trade licence.

The procedure for doing this involves the publishing of Notices of Intention to apply in the Gibraltar Gazette and a local newspaper giving objectors 14 days in which to object.

Objections can be made on a number of grounds including public policy or otherwise that the needs of the community in Gibraltar or the area of Gibraltar in which the trade or business is intended to be carried out is already properly catered for.

Applications which are the subject of objection are heard by the Trading Licensing Authority at public hearing.

In addition to any trade i.e. selling of goods on a wholesale or retail basis the following businesses require licenses under the Trade Licensing Act : Building Contracting, Carpentry, Catering (includes canteens, caterers, clubs, hoteliers, and publicans), decorating, Electrical Contracting, Hairdressing, Joinery, Manufacturing, Painting, Property Development, Plumbing, Woodwork.

Other enactments which require licenses to be obtained.

In addition to the provisions of the Trade Licensing Authority there are several Acts which require the licensing of activities including:

  1. Gaming;

  2. Wholesale and retail of tobacco;

  3. Bunkering;

  4. Bars and restaurants;

  5. Pharmacies;

  6. Transport;

  7. Currency exchange;

  8. Banking;

  9. Financial services;

  10. Telecommunications

Charles Gomez & Co have substantial experience in dealing with applications and objections under all relevant legislation and regularly assist in creating strategies to ensure success in the licensing process.

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