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Visiting Gibraltar for National Day 2015 was a delegation from the ‘Friends of The British Overseas Territories’ (FOTBOT).

FOTBOT was founded in 2013 by Phillip Smith with the object of promoting the interests of the territories and supporting its young people. Being big supporters of local interests in all British overseas territories who celebrate the diverse culture FOTBOT is a brilliant asset to Gibraltar.

Their website says:

"We want to celebrate the culture, bio-diversity and history of our territories as well as supporting local community projects and political matters in the UK."

A team from Charles Gomez & Co had the privilege to meet up with two of FOTBOT's leading lights:

Anja Junges is a London based Finance Coordinator for FOTBOT and involved in International Retail Operations for Phase Eight Fashion Design in London.
Brenesha Cox is from the Turks and Caicos Islands. She recently graduated in law and politics from Queen Mary College in London and is currently undertaking a masters degree in international trade at the university of Durham. Brenesha said:

"Gibraltar's National Day was a celebration like none other I have experienced. The people were all incredibly friendly and the feeling of national pride was contagious.
I believe that Gibraltar is a fundamental part of the UK because it continues to play an important historical, cultural and strategic role in the Overseas Territories family.
Having come from a British Overseas Territory (BOT) myself it was a pleasure to see how our contemporaries coexist and maintain their links with the UK and other European countries.
I was pleased to make the acquaintance of Mr. Charles Gomez whilst at the Chief Minister's reception where we discussed the opening of Gibraltar's University and the possibility of fostering potential links for BOT students given the commonality between offshore jurisdictions. I look forward to visiting again."

In the picture with Anja and Brenesha are Nick Gomez and our in house head of research, Claire Hall Segui BA.

Commenting upon the visit, Nick Gomez said:

"It was great to meet up with young and ambitious people from the FOTBOT. Charles Gomez & Co is committed to building links internationally and the British overseas territories family of countries, where the English common law applies is very much a favoured area for us"


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