Charles Gomez & Co Hand over First Keys for Beach View Terraces

Charles A. Gomez & Co. are proud to have handed over the first set of keys for the new Gibraltar Government Housing Developments at Beach View Terraces.

Our dedicated team of 8 have been working tirelessly to ensure that not only all our clients complete on time in the most efficient and easy manner possible, but that everyone is updated on all current developments on our Frequently Asked Questions Facebook group.

Visit our Government Housing Frequently Asked Questions group here:


We have been in close contact with all relevant Government Departments and all Banks and Building Societies to ensure that we are able to answer our client's questions quickly and with well informed accuracy.

Charles Gomez & Co have been specializing in the Conveyancing business for over 30 years, which is why over half of those who are buying at Mons Calpe and Beach View trust us with their purchase.

Video provided by GBC News