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Following on a rectification published by the ABC newspaper in May 2015 in respect of an article referring to Gibraltar as an uncooperative tax jurisdiction, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has obtained a further rectification from the Spanish Telecinco TV Network.

n a report within a popular Telecinco program hosted by the TV personality Ana Rosa Quintana, Gibraltar was accused of being an entry point for drugs into Spain. In fact, of course, the notion of Gibraltar being an entry point of drugs into Spain is absurd given the small area of Gibraltar and the fact that it is heavily policed both on land and at sea (the well equipped marine section of the Royal Gibraltar Police is assisted by a number of other law enforcement agencies and the Royal Navy).

The program itself contained absolutely no references or so much as a pretence of evidence that drugs came from Gibraltar. Telecinco has broadcast a rectification and a claim issued by the Gibraltar Government was admitted by the Juzgado Number 19 of Madrid.

This is the second case issued by the Gibraltar Government which has been admitted by the Spanish courts and which has led to a major Spanish media outlet correcting a report. In both cases Charles Gomez & Co have acted for the government via legal agents in Spain.

Commenting on this latest action a spokesman for Charles Gomez & Co said:

“Since about August 2013 there has been a concerted campaign in the Spanish media disparaging Gibraltar. Whilst that campaign now appears to be waning and must certainly not be taken as a reflection of the professionalism of the majority of the media in Spain there are still the occasional reports which are clearly baseless and seem to be aimed at dirtying Gibraltar’s good name.
The Government has taken the view that these slurs can no longer be ignored and so far we have had a 100% success rate in dealing with the more damaging and unfounded reports.”


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