• Rock-Solid Defence

    Experience and a healthy respect for the litigation process inform our principal priorities of negotiation and settlement. However, “if you want peace prepare for war”. Our track record in the Gibraltar courts with major successes in ground-breaking cases assures opponents that a reasonable approach is the best option.

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  • Your Bridge to Spain

    Our cases have included a successful appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid in a complex case against one of Spain’s most well-known companies.

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  • Family Law

    At Charles Gomez & Co, the interests and happiness of children come first. We draft prenuptial and separation agreements and advise and provide court representation in divorce proceedings.

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  • Conveyancing Guide

    Download your free conveyancing guide!

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New realities call for new approaches. We face 2022 and beyond with a sense of quiet confidence. With 39 years in the legal services industry and an approach to problem solving forged in thousands of cases, our law firm continue to provide clients with the guidance and vision to meet the challenges ahead. Our legal team is dedicated to working ethically and with the experience, tenacity, humanity and versatility required in our times... Charles Gomez & Co: The Gibraltar Lawyers you want in your corner. 

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Latest News


Is Gibraltar’s Property Market Overheating?: A Call for Realism

01 Apr 2022

Author: Charles Gomez & Co

Property News Gibraltar: Surveyors are now starting to come back with valuations which fall short of prices decided in Reservation Agreements.

The New Normal in Landlord & Tenant Relations

19 Mar 2021

The old paradigms are no longer valid. Landlords and tenants must recognise the new situation and that the success of one is the success of both...

Risks & Rules for Management Companies in Gibraltar | Property

15 Feb 2021

Author: Nicholas Gomez

Over 60% of people in Gibraltar live in apartments run by management companies... A director or council member is obliged...

UK Supreme Court holds in favour of businesses over business interruption insurance claims

15 Jan 2021

The Supreme Court has today (15.01.2021) handed down its judgment requiring insurers to pay out on business

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